Amputation Prevention & Limb Salvage

Limb Salvage – Critical Limb Ischemia

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What is Critical Limb Ischemia

Critical limb ischemia (CLI) occurs when blood flow through an artery of the lower extremities becomes severely blocked. CLI is a painful condition that causes extreme discomfort in the feet and toes, even while at rest.

When left untreated, CLI can cause sores and wounds that are unable to heal due to reduced blood flow, eventually leading to gangrene (tissue death) and potentially amputation.

Limb Salvage – Avoiding Amputation

The development of minimally-invasive revascularization procedures provides an alternative to amputation and an improved quality of life for patients suffering from CLI. The physicians at Mississippi Cardiovascular Center of Excellence are committed to preventing unnecessary amputation through the latest technology, innovative treatments, education, and outreach.

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